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Yotsuba Moto

Yotsuba MEOW 12

Yotsuba MEOW 12

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Yotsuba's new Meow electric motorcycle is halfway between small balance bikes and gasoline motorcycles for children.

Ideal for kids who are too young to ride real racing motorbikes or electric bikes, the Meow makes it even easier.

The weight of this electric motorcycle is about 12.5 kg. It weighs little more than a children's bike and is only a quarter of the weight of a 50cc children's bike.
A heavy motorcycle makes children scared and worried. A lightweight design offers a secure and confident feeling for motorcycle riding.

The power of the electric motor is interrupted when falling thanks to the 3-axis sensor.
After picking up the bike, the kids have to fully close the throttle to start it again, due to the electrical program on this bike.

Small and light design.
Easily load the bike in your car. There is no gas or oil inside the bike, which allows you to lay the bike down or turn it upside down to load it into your vehicle.
The motorcycle can easily fit in the trunk of any car.

The diameter of the electric throttle grip is 19.1mm.
Specially designed for children's small hands.
The control sticks are also slimmer than the standard sticks to make control easier with smaller hands.

It is an off-road motorcycle that allows you to drive through puddles.
Of course, you can wash the bike with water.
*Do not cross deep rivers or wash in a high-pressure washing machine.

The specially programmed speed governor provides soft starts.
3 different top speeds can be selected, from 6Km/h to 18Km/h, by means of the selection switch.
At first it is not easy for the child to balance on the motorcycle at a slow speed. In this case the speed of 6Km/h is the same as the walking speed of the parents. This speed makes it easy for parents to follow their child and the bike.

This bike does not have a chain or sprockets. It uses a hub motor built into the rear wheel. This reduces the chance of pinching your fingers or feet in the chain or sprockets.
This configuration is an advantage at the level of security and also at the level of driving the motorcycle. Being close to the ground, the weight of the engine provides a lower center of gravity and helps when picking up the bike.

This spring prevents a fall in the event of a sudden steering reaction due to uneven terrain and unusual steering control.
Mounted between the frame and front forks, it smooths out quick steering responses.

Equipped with a 24V lithium-ion battery.
When the battery power charge is less than 1/3, the alert indicator light will flash.
With a full charge, children can ride the scooter for between 30 and 120 minutes.
The charging port is located under the chassis.
It can be charged from any electrical outlet in the house.
The battery takes 2.5 hours to fully charge.

The sticker kit that is initially delivered with the motorcycle to decorate it to the taste of each child consists of red and blue stickers.
Other sticker kits in colors such as yellow, green, orange and light blue are optionally available.

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Motos eléctricas infantiles. Iniciación al mundo de las dos ruedas mediante el juego. En un entorno controlado, potencia regulada, sin humo, sin ruido, sin partes calientes.


La moto Yotsuba Meow no se puede conducir en la vía pública.
Se recomienda montar y disfrutar de esta moto en parques cerrados o en propiedades privadas, siempre bajo la supervisión de un adulto.


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